• Olivia Liv Mortimer

Fairy Forest

Last Sunday, I finally found some time for a whole day of photography and decided to revisit a forest that i used to walk in as a child. I wasn't dissapointed: the Kaltbrunnental near Grellingen, Switzerland is a hidden gem!

An untouched forest in a narrow valley, through which a stream passes and shapes the landscape with many smaller and bigger cascades. The fallen trees stay where they are and shape this fairytale like surrounding. The weather was very moist and there was morning fog all over the valley. It was quite slippery and not completely risk free to get to some of the locations and i have to admit, i did slip into the water in the making of the first image. Thankfully it wasn't too cold, so having a wet foot for the rest of the day was bearable.

We had a lunch break on a small plateau that was high enough for the sun to shine through, which created the dew to evaporate, hence producing stunning atmospheric scenery.

Luckily my friend and photographer Klaus Schulmann joined me and took a couple of pictures of the work in progress so you can have a sneak peak into the "making of".

Truly a great escape from the monotony and stress of every day work.


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