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A city and no landmarks

Often when we visit a city, we tend to go for the obvious shot, I mean you can't go to Paris and not have a shot of the Eiffeltower, you can't go to San Francisco without having tried to shoot the Golden gate or at least one of the Cable Cars, and certainly you can't got to Amsterdam without taking an image of the Grachten or the Anne Frank House. Or can you?

Many of the well known buildings or landmarks have been photographed so many times that it is hard to find any new interpretation of them. Besides: they don't necessearily represent the rest of the place. The way of living, the culture, the energy... the unique mix of influences every place has - they often live in details.

I like looking out for the little things that make the place unique for me, maybe a shop window, that i wouldn't see in this way in my hometown, or a detail that transports the "feel" of the city, although it's sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly why.

With this approach you can show contradictions, different sides and different cultural influences that may be present simultaneously in the same place while giving the viewer an opportunity to see the place through your eyes and with the feel that it gave you.

I could tell you what those things were for me, when i visited Amsterdam, but i'd rather let the images speak, hoping i inspired you to look at your next destination a bit differently and motivated you to create your own personal Interpretation of it.

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