Olivia Charlotte Mortimer is a freelance musician from Basel with Scottish-Swiss roots.

    Olivias great passion for music, her open mindedness and her wish to cross borders between the different styles and categories  led her to a broad range of musical skills and experiences. She's performed as a singer of Live Dance Music at club nights as well as at classical concerts in churches or concert houses. She writes, thinks about, perfoms and teaches music in both classical and popular repertoires.

Besides thinking and writing about Music her focus lies mainly on the expressional range of the human voice.


If you wanna know about her different areas of work, you can find that information as well as video/audio and other material in the different subcategories.


1982:              Born and raised in Basel
1993:              First leading role in a musical performance
2004-2007:  Bachelor of Arts at the Academy of Music and at the University of Basel
2006-2009:  Freelance Music journalist for the magazine "Tonspur" and the "Basler Zeitung"
2006-2009:  Co-founder and director of the "choir of the musicological institute" 
2007-2011:  Master of Arts at the Music Academy and at the University of Basel
2008-now:    Co-Singer and Co-Composer of the singer/songwriter duo "Charlotte&Sophie"
2009-2011:  Singer and keyboarder of the live electronic band: Tsu'Raw Beri Sunday

2010-now:    Working as a Vocal Coach 
2010-2014:  Music teacher at the Gymnasium Kirschgarten Leonhard
2012-2016 :   Conductor of the "Vivace-Chor Basel-Münchenstein"
2013:             Choral arrangements of Popsongs for the Basel Club Festival "BScene"
2014-now :   Conductor of the "Ensemble Singvoll" Basel
2014-2016 :   Lecturer for Popuar Music Studies at the University of Basel
2014-2015: Freelancer at Schulverlag Plus (Proof Reading and Arranging Songs of the Teaching Materials "Mille Feuilles" and "Clin d'Oeil")

2015-2016: Musicteacher at the Sekundarschule Baerwart, Basel

from 2016:  Music teacher at the Gymnasium Münsterplatz

from 2016: Musikteacher at Sekundarschule March, Meltingen

from 2016: Conductor at Chor des theologisvhen Seminars, University Basel

Fun Facts:

Has a passion for collecting and playing "akward" little Instruments such as: Ukuele, Kalimba, Kazoo, Ocarina, Melodica etc.
Has taught herself how to play the recorder at the age of 31