Born in 1982, I am a Basel based Musician and Photographer. Although it took me a long time to really get into photography.


Yes, I was attracted to cameras all my life, always wanted one and at one time, as a 9 year old, I even got myself a $30.00 compact camera. But it was something I only flirted with.

Only in autumn 2015, when life circumstances forced me to have another artistic  outlet, I became much more serious about it. Since June 2018 I am an official Olympus Visionary.

I try to capture the beauty and emotions that I feel we are constantly surrounded by. Whether that is in people, nature, small details, or big dramatic landscapes. Beauty to me isn’t always pretty, it is something that represents life and is interwoven with universal truths to it.

The world mostly expresses itself and I try to show the moments i can capture through my own filter.



If you want know more about me as a musician, you can click on the dedicated area in the About menu.

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